shopMAGER Video Demos

Video 1 of 6: Introduction and Homepage

Covers our goals and vision for creating this site, plus an overview of the homepage.

Video 2 of 6: Filtering Products

Covers how to use the sites advanced filtering tools to quickly drill down to the metallography supplies you are looking for

Video 3 of 6: Cart and Wishlist Functionality

Overview of the Cart's optional "Need By Date" feature, and how to email your cart as a Wishlist

Video 4 of 6: Guest Checkout

Overview of the Guest Checkout, including the optional fields that mimic your purchase order.

Video 5 of 6: myMager Account

This video goes in-depth on all the special features of creating a myMager account...all you need is an email and a password to get started!

Video 6 of 6: Searching the Site

This video gives a brief overview on how to search for your metallographic supplies.