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Cure, Quick Hardener

Product Summary

The Cure epoxy system uses one low viscosity resin (CM-8510 or CM-8520) and your choice of two hardeners for fast (this one!) or slow (CM-8560) curing applications. Heat to 80 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes. Samples will be hard, flat, and suitable for grinding & polishing with a clear finish. Excellent edge retention and preserves coating integrity for coated samples. Alternate use of Cure Quick: for large samples exceeding 50mm in diameter, prepare with quick-cure at room-temperature for 24 hours, then heat to 80 degrees Celsius for one hour. This allows preparation of very large samples without risk of fire (disclaimer: always consult your lab supervisor before playing with fire). Suitable for use with etchants. Hazardous shipping fee applies

Packaged: 500 ml

Price: $86.00                 $0.17 / Milliliter


Product Details

Mounting Type: Epoxy

Add'l Info: Quick hardener

Works With: CM-8510

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