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The shopMAGER website is part of the Mager Scientific family and is the sister site of magersci.com. Mager Scientific has been in business for 60 years and provides full lines of metallographic sample preparation equipment, hardness testers, biological and industrial light microscopes, metallographic consumables, and supplies for each line.

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Whether you're looking for authentic OEM consumables by ATM, the time-tested and trusted Mager brand you've found the best website to shop for metallographic consumables and supplies. We carry multiple brands and let you choose what's right for you and your lab's budget.

shopMAGER is your source for great consumables at great prices!


H250 Cut off Wheels

H300 Cut off Wheels

H350 Cut off Wheels

H400 Cut off Wheels

Miniature Cut off Wheels

Mounting Clips

Teflon Mold Cups

Magnetic Foil

Grinding Stone


Metal Microscope Slides are here!

Mager Cut off Wheels

Mager Mounting Powder

Mager Cloth

Mager Grinding Paper


Leveling Device

Specimen Press

Filter bags for cut off saws

Dressing diamonds for stone grinders

Clamping rings for grinder/polishers

Sample boxes for sample storage



Everything your lab needs

We are a unique equipment dealer that specializes in the sample preparation process for a wide variety of labs. From high-end medical research to metallurgical testing, we have sample preparation equipment, digital imaging solutions and consumables that will make your lab a model for efficiency and effectiveness.